Every Unifi Brand Name Means Quality.

Unifi develops specialty yarns that provide performance, comfort, aesthetic and other advantages. We have branded the premium tier of our portfolio. Our latest introduction is REPREVE®, made from recycled material.

  • AIO
    all-in-one® is a single performance yarn that combines moisture management, stretch, UV protection, antimicrobial control - any of the performance properties you want. The properties you choose for this custom all-in-one are inherent in the yarn, so they will endure.
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  • MYNX
    Clothes made with MYNX® UV provide the wearer sun protection against UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays. MYNX® UV offers permanent sun protection up to 50+ UPF rating, depending upon fabric construction and color and maintains a 100% UPF rating in wet and dry fabrics. Mnyx® UV provides fabric with a soft, cool hand and subdued luster and is perfect for lightweight fabrics.
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  • AMY
    Less bacteria means less odor. Amazing technology embedded in A.M.Y.® permanently inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold, mildew and algae on fabric. A.M.Y.® extends garment life with less discoloration and degradation. A.M.Y. is environmentally safe.
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  • Repreve
    REPREVE® is more than 100% recycled fiber. It's a reprieve for our planet's resources. And because REPREVE® is made from 100% recycled materials, it offsets the need to use new crude oil, conserving our precious natural resources and energy. Did you know that on average, every pound of REPREVE® yarn conserves the equivalent of half a gallon of gasoline? Now available in staple fiber and filament polyester and filament nylon 6,6. Visit Repreve.com for more information.
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  • Inhibit
    INHIBIT® is uniquely designed to regress from fire, melting into a material aiding in extinguishing existing flames. Offering additional performance characteristics to home furnishings and hospitality décor, INHIBIT® provides extra protection to long-term investments.
  • Satura
    SATURA® is a family of solution dyed polyester yarns available in a wide range of colors. SATURA® has superior color consistency, light fastness characteristics and is bleach cleanable. Because SATURA® is solution dyed, additional fabric dyeing processes are eliminated, reducing the product's environmental footprint. For enhanced product performance, SATURA® Max is available.
  • Reflexx
    REFLEXX® offers superior stretch and recovery performance. It is durable, with stretch properties lasting the life of the fabric, and is suitable for commercial laundering. REFLEXX® extends the life of the garment with improved color retention and easy care properties. REFLEXX® is available in a wide array of yarn and fiber types.
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  • 4t7
    Named after its place on the Periodic Table of Elements, 4T7™ is a nylon fiber that has been encapsulated in pure silver, providing permanent multi-functional properties for a variety of end uses. This technical performance fiber can be knit or woven as a single silver yarn, or combined with other fibers for design and engineering flexibility.
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  • Sorbtek
    SORBTEK® provides permanent moisture management through our proprietary Catch, Move, Release technology. SORBTEK® catches moisture, moves it away and releases it for quick evaporation. The yarn is breathable, which leaves the wearer cool, dry and comfortable. In addition to moisture management, SORBTEK® offers inherent soil release properties to protect against soil such as sweat and grass.
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  • Sultra
    SULTRA® is an ultra-microdenier yarn that creates easy-care fabrics with a suede-like hand and appearance. Used in "sueded" fabrics for apparel, home furnishings and automotive upholstery, SULTRA® offers both the look and feel of suede.
  • SOFTEC™ is a patented flat filament polyester yarn with improved product performance benefits vs. conventional flat-drawn or textured polyester yarns.
  • Augusta
    AUGUSTA® simulates the natural look and hand of spun yarns with performance benefits associated with synthetic filament yarns. AUGUSTA® yarns are "way beyond cotton" and extend garment life thanks to superior color retention, wrinkle resistance and lower pilling than spun yarns.
  • Eclypse
    ECLYSPSE® provides the look and textured hand of blended wool with the easy-care attributes of synthetic yarns. ECLYSPSE® is versatile and functional, offering a range of mélange effects, from subtle heathers to more pronounced striations all in one yarn.
  • Micro Vista
    MICROVISTA® is a microdenier or near-micro yarn giving fabrics an ultra-soft hand and appearance. Comfortable and ease of care make MICROVISTA® an alternative to the beauty and performance of traditional microfibers.
  • Dacron
    DACRON® polyester sets the standard in high-quality apparel and continues to raise the bar. The DACRON® brand - the first to deliver wash-and-wear properties - has become synonymous with "easy care."
-Dacron® Invista trademark for polyester licensed to Unifi, Inc.
-Softec™ Invista trademark for polyester licensed to Unifi, Inc.