Business Without Borders
  • Unifi Operates On A Global Platform

    We provide enhanced service, flexibility and innovative products anywhere in the world our customers choose to do business. Our expanding network of manufacturing facilities, sales and sourcing initiatives enable us to drive and capture growth in every major textile and apparel region in the world. Contact our corporate headquarters or our worldwide locations by email.

  • North American Operations

    Unifi Manufacturing, Inc. is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina in the United States of America. Unifi has maintained this location as the company's headquarters since its founding in 1971. In addition to the Greensboro location, manufacturing facilities are also located in North Carolina. Nylon production facilities are located in Madison, NC; polyester spinning, texturing, twisting and beaming facilities are seated in Yadkinville, NC; and the package dyeing operation is located in Reidsville, NC.

  • UNF

    In 2000, Unifi and Nilit® Ltd. formed a joint venture in Israel to produce nylon 6,6 POY yarns for texturing. The textured nylon produced by this UNF joint venture is used in end uses ranging from intimate apparel, activewear, legwear and bodywear.

  • South American Operations

    The South American region is a strategic and growing market for Unifi. Unifi do Brasil headquarters are located in São Paulo, Brazil. Unifi do Brasil works to strengthen its structure and expand its current position within the Brazilian Textile Market with a state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Alfenas, Brazil and with sales offices located in the cities of Americana-SP and Blumenau-SC. Unifi Latin America, a covering operation, is in Bogota, Colombia.

  • Asian Operations

    Unifi operates a wholly-owned subsidiary in Suzhou, China. Unifi Textiles (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (UTSC) focuses on the development, sales and service of Unifi's premium value-added yarns for the Asian market. Customers of UTSC benefit from the strong relationships that Unifi has developed with many of the world's leading brands and retailers. UTSC is located in Suzhou, conveniently at the center of one of China's most important textile regions. Find out more.