• Unifi
  • Our Capabilities & Services

    Our manufacturing processes turn raw materials and fiber into synthetic filament yarns. These yarns are then sold and further processed into fabrics. Outside of our wide range of manufacturing capabilities, we provide many value added services to our customers including onsite technical service and door-to-door delivery through Unifi owned and operated transportation.

  • POY

    The first step in producing synthetic yarn begins with the raw material known as POY (partially-oriented yarn). POY is made from small polymer beads that are melted and extruded through microscopic holes to form a single fiber filament. In addition to producing natural POY, Unifi also has the ability to produce solution dyed polyester for use in color rich fabrics.

  • Texturing & Air Jet Texturing

    We draw, heat and twist the continuous filament yarn to optimize various physical characteristics like bulk, strength, stretch and dyeability. Our advanced air-jet texturing capabilities and innovative texturing methods allow us to produce finished synthetics that look and feel like natural yarns, or provide products with unique and superior performance characteristics.

  • Package Dyeing

    Using the most advanced color-matching applications, we're able to match exact color specifications for even the most color-critical markets, such as home furnishings, automotive and specialized apparel. We dye many substrates including textured and spun polyester, rayon, cotton, acrylic, nylon and various blends of these fibers.

  • Covering

    By wrapping or air-entangling filament or spun yarns around a core yarn, we can significantly enhance a fabric's ability to stretch, recover its original shape and resist wrinkles. We use air covering, single covering and double covering.

  • Twisting

    We combine filaments into yarn by twisting them together for applications such as sewing thread, home furnishings and apparel.

  • Beaming

    We wind polyester and nylon, textured and flat yarn on to beams to be used by customers in warp knitting and weaving applications.